Featured Happy Hours

R-Gang Eatery

He hit the nail on the head, or pinned the tail on the donkey describing his visionary concept as ‘Food & Fun, Refueled.’

Wet Willies

Hosting over 30 machines that craft their own slushy goodness with electric flavor combinations like: Strawberry, Mango, Melon, Green Apple, Piña Colada, Margarita, Chocolate, and many more.

Bully’s East

Famous for their Prime Rib and “Cheers” mentality, Bully’s East serves nothing less than excellence across the board.

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What's Happening

Mountain High Resort College Night

January 13 & 20, February 3, March 3 & 24

Ride from 5-10pm for ONLY $20 w/ a college ID! Party at Bullwheel from 6-11pm w/ DJs, Board Demos, Product Tosses & more. Half-off Drafts, Monster Drink Specials & $1 Hot Dogs.

San Diego Restaurant Week

January 16-21 (Sunday-Friday)

Choose from over 180 of San Diego's best restaurants and enjoy a 3 course meal for $20, $30 or $40 per person, depending on the restaurant.

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Happy Hour Bloggers

Sonic - Radio Personality


Happy Hour Reviews from a single bachelor that is looking for that lucky girl. Comments: 0

Posted 03/20/2009

Chris Gray, the Cheap, but Classy Bastard
Chris Gray

Chris Gray

Random column about whatever is on his mind; girls, drinking, or top 10 lists. Comments: 0

Posted 03/20/2009

The Happy Hour Reviewer
The Happy Hour Reviewer

The Happy Hour Reviewer

Happyhour reviews from one of our experts. Comments: 0

Posted 04/23/2009

Steve McDevitt, the Innovative Drunk
Steve McDevitt

Steve McDevitt

The Innovative Drunk - Products that are inspired by alcohol, such as a Beer Pong Table that floats in the water or a 40oz koozie. Comments: 0

Posted0 4/13/2009

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Are You Serious?

Let us and the rest of the world know about the best drunk story you've witnessed; one that you'll remember for the rest of your life. You could win a $40 tab at Sea Rocket Bistro in North Park!.

Guess this Happy Hour!

Have you stumbled out of here before? Provide us with the name and location of this happy hour for a chance to receive a pair of Lift Tickets to Mountain High! .


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Local Art

Local Comedian Mal Hall was recently named a finalist in NBC’s 6th Annual “Stand-Up for Diversity” nationwide talent search

It's 5 O'clock!!

It's 5 O'Clock...and this is where you should be.

R Gang Eatery, Wet Willies & Bully’s East

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The PP Chronicles

Inside the life of The Professional Partier.


Hometown Celebrity

Ali & Roberto from The Bachelorette are adjusting to their new life in San Diego

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How To:

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HHM’s Tap Room

Craft Beer Enthusiast, Laurie Delk shares her Top 10 Winter Beers to enjoy over the season


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Four Local Bloggers that are worth following

Booze Slingers


Good times with Luke at Effin’s Pub n Grill